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After so many years, the first true love story everyone is taught is the story of Romeo and Juliet or Jack and Rose in Titanic. Stories that have no foundation to the religious faith and if you are a christian, you know what they say about the Bible that If your knowledge does not tally [...]
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April Writing Contest

The Inspire Us Contest is calling West African writers to submit stories around the theme of empowering women. Organized by Worldreader, this contest will select and digitally publish 10 stories as part of the Inspire Us Collection. The goal of this collection of stories is to positively influence gender social norms and stereotypes across West […]

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Angel In Disguise

It’s not my fault that I’m not pregnant yet. I wish someone will explain to my mother in-law that there’s a set time called God’s time. This woman has taken me to different places in the name of searching for the fruit of the womb. The last place we went to is totally my the […]

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The story of Oba Ewuare

If you have never heard of Oba Ewuare of the Benin kingdom then you haven’t been looking into the history book for a long time. You probably ended history chapter after the story of sokoto caliphate taught back then in schools. We can say Welcome back to history class, sharing the story of Oba Ewuare […]

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The Road to Libya

World Anti slavery Day The Road to Libya is a short story dedicated to modern day slavery, common in Nigeria, mostly amongst the people of Edo and Delta states of the South-south region.  Written by Ejiro Omokri. Tonia had told me that the land is green across the waters, I remember her very words, ‘babe […]

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Call palava

For your reading pleasure from our short story author, humorously find out why it is necessary to end every call when you’re done! Short story; call palava Mama Austin  a fruit seller remembers her husband a shore worker should be on his way back from the vessel for a two week break “Austin abeg give […]

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It Has No Name By Nana Sule

We usually don’t get the best of Flash Fiction but this is one very special  flash fiction written by the Muslim writer Nana Sule. It explains a scene of heart break and pain, using vivid words and relatable scenarios in a style that sends home the message. Nana sule has a fabulous writing style! IT […]

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My little daughter

I thought now that I’m 21, I should have grown past this teenage relationship bug that keeps me fussing around, thinking if true love was meant for me. 24hrs ago I was basking in my adoring relationship, Charming young man who thought I was the only thing he wanted in the whole universe. It seems […]