Poems and poem review written by Nigerian authors or African authors used by Nigerian literature students.

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The Issue of Political Corruption In Kola Eke’s Kleptocracy

 MODERN AFRICAN POETRY is a  course on its own for literature students in higher education. It is a study based on current write up in line with the trend of the present era. In this article, we take a look at Kola Eke’s June 12 in order to review the issue of political corruption in […]

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After so many years, the first true love story everyone is taught is the story of Romeo and Juliet or Jack and Rose in Titanic. Stories that have no foundation to the religious faith and if you are a christian, you know what they say about the Bible that If your knowledge does not tally [...]
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Figures of sound in literature

Figures of sound in literature has to do with poetic devices that are appealing musically or metrically in a literary work. Unlike the usual poetic devices which we refer to figures of speech, these has the ability to beautify a line more to the ears of the audience. 1. Alliteration: This is the repetition of […]

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5 Tips to studying a Poem; Nigerian Literature

While some poems can be very difficult to comprehend and sometimes boring to enjoy your study, there are ways you can do a perfect job on them without having to sleep over it or develop a headache on a particular poem. First things first! You have to read the poem completely and make sure you […]

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The Poem; Give Me The Minstrel’s Seat

This is a traditional poem which originates from the Swahili people in Kenya. The theme of the poem hinges on companionship, the benefits and beauty of companionship. Woman can not exist except by man… As man goes through life soon he is pierced  by the thorn or the sand-mote enters his eye and he needs […]


END OF THE WAR by Okinba Launko

A poem characterized under the African poetry. They say, a war only ends, when another war begins: the silence of the battlefield heralds the widow’s anguish   For, to set questions is not as hard as finding answers….   Our war has ended because war is now with us   The deserted houses, the fallen […]