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What is Prose?

Prose in Nigerian literature Prose is the aspect of literature that deals with story telling in form of ordinary writing. It is written in plain language without rhythm and other figure of speech or sound. It’s main message or theme is conveyed without acting. It exhibits a natural flow of speech and has no metrical […]

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Figures of sound in literature

Figures of sound in literature has to do with poetic devices that are appealing musically or metrically in a literary work. Unlike the usual poetic devices which we refer to figures of speech, these has the ability to beautify a line more to the ears of the audience. 1. Alliteration: This is the repetition of […]


Folktales in Nigerian Literature

Folktale is a very important form of oral literature especially when it relates to literature in Nigeria. Folktales are narrative or traditional stories constructed from the imagination of people over time. They are popular stories handed down from generation to generation used for several purposes, ranging from accessing morality to educative purpose, to relaxation and […]


The Nigerian literature

The Nigeria literature as it implies refers to the literature domain of the Nigerian people, it entails the good and the bad, dos and donts, which are common to the Nigerian style of writing and the society, created or reformed by Nigerians based on their culture and tradition and directed to the Nigerian audience. It […]


Myth and Legend

Myth and legend What is the difference between myth and legend? How do we differentiate myths from legend especially when they both hinge their stories on the past and are both explaining circumstances that are nearly unbelievable to the present day individual, especially in this 21st century where technology and science have made many illogical […]