What is literature

Basically, the first step of any subject  according to curriculum is to define it and this is the same for literature, we have to make sure we have a definition up here to assist those of our students visiting us. Literature is one of the broadest concept to define, although there is no rigid and […]

Short stories


Mark watched Jacy doze off on the sofa and thought it would be better not to disturb her, after all the doctor said she needs the most care she can get!.He kissed her fore head and put out the lights while he headed for the bedroom, on his way he grabbed a slice of bread […]

Short stories


????????‍♀I used to be a beauty, like a pink diamond with high clarity, my curvy waist was my selling point but how things went wrong, I do not know. Marriage was the least of my worries, as a matter of fact I enjoyed the treats I got from politicians and other top ranking men but […]