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What Wikipedia havent told you about Wole Soyinka

We read kola Tubosun’s narration on his tour to Wole Soyinka’s house in Abeokuta this and we must admit is one of the very well written narrative we might have seen. Kola Tubosun, a great writer to say, narrated his visit to the house of the  prominent Nigerian writer. “We had planned to meet at […]

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Nigerian’ Chimamanda at it again!

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie   Chimamanda Adichie, one of Nigeria’s best literature Author, receives the 10th British PEN Pinter prize, making her the first Nigerian to receive the award since 2009 when the prize Center was founded. The PEN Pinter prize is an annual literary award launched in 2009 by English PEN in honour of the […]

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Shattered I never knew nuptial preparations come with so much tension and heightened ecstasy, now it’s my turn and out of excitement, I have called to confirm my appointment at the spa for the second time in a day, and even the choreographer is tired of my constant chat reminding him of Friday evening.” Temi […]