LBN is a Nigerian blog for literature, which would in the nearest future include a platform for online books sale , strictly books written by Nigerian authors, or books used by most Nigerian schools written by other African authors, litnaija contains literature articles for Nigerian students, current literature news, a pile of entertainment such as poems an short stories, book reviews and other vital information that matters in the world of the Nigerian literature.

What is the importance of LitBlogNaija?
Although, compared to previous eras of literature in Nigeria, the contemporary literature in Nigeria is starting to gain reputable ground among western literature, but more needs to be done in other for young authors to be encouraged, and more prizes brought into the country, this will not be possible if they are no platforms promoting Nigerian literature where authors can be accessed and reviewed.

Upcoming writers can send in their work to be edited and published online and even get recognition. With so many books placed online, the richness of our literature and culture would be accessible to many.
It would serve as an academic material to literature students in Nigeria and a contribution to the bigger picture of Nigerian writing and culture.

How come about LBN?
Litblognaija is a progeny of the entertaining oreeinfotainment.com created febuary 2018, it is an effort made to correct certain mistakes which occurred in the introduction of the blog oreeinfotainment. To create a more precise blog with specific objectives.