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Enjoy another fabulous love story from one of your favourite writers, ‘Blessed Pen’


“Do you love me, Ken?”
Kate asked looking into his eyes as though the answers were in his eyes.

I love you, I guess”. He replied confusedly. Ken loves Rita but he wants to settle down with Kate.

Rita is the kind of woman that would give any man erection. She’s beautiful with a curvaceous shape.
Her attire is one in a million.

On the other hand, Kate is homely, good character, excellent cook with a golden heart but has F9 in dressing. Not so beautiful like Rita.

Kate has noticed that Ken wasn’t so much into her. She sensed he had someone else.

“Bia, Keke”, Kate’s mother shouted from the kitchen. “Is it not time you bring home Ken? All these your cooking skills and wifely material just wasting. You will be 28 next month and you know we don’t marry late in this family. My mother married at 21. I married at 23. You are almost 28 and no one has proposed to you. Is it in your menopause, you will bring someone back?” The African woman ranted.

Kate didn’t utter a word, she just stepped out.


“Will you marry me?” Ken knelt down to her.

She was taken unaware. Thoughts of her mother’s constant taunting, came clouding her sense of reasoning. All she wanted to do at that moment was just to get away from the house. Without hesitation, she screamed; “yes”.

Pictures and videos ???? were exchanging contacts in the air. The wedding plan started immediately. In two months time, Kate will become Mrs Ken…


Her heart kept beating. She has lost peace of mind since she said yes to Ken.

Will she end the marriage?

Will she proceed against her heartbeat?

Watch out for episode two(2).

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