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Diary of a Maid



Hey, go to the balcony, your breakfast is there”.

She didn’t even care that her food was served in a dirty broken plate and kept at the balcony. At that moment, the worms in her stomach were already dancing ‘skelewu’ threatening to break out from her razor like tummy.

It’s already 6pm and she was just having her breakfast.

Three spoons down her throat, that voice came calling again.

Nma, are you still eating? Just to eat a plate of beans, it’s taking you 20 hours. Will you get inside the kitchen immediately, wash and slice the vegetables, so I can prepare dinner for my children “.

” Yes ma”. She abandoned the food and with wiggling legs, she ran into the kitchen. The fatigue from the day’s chores coupled with hunger, she mistakenly cut herself while slicing the vegetables. The pains inflicted on her by the deep cut made her scream.

“Tawai” ,

that was a slap on her cheek. She fell down.

“Stupid girl, ordinary vegetables, you can’t cut and you have to mix it with your dirty blood. Nonsense, get up from there, my friend…”

The 8 years old Nma couldn’t sustain the day’s pain as she fainted.

“Oh, you are trying to play tricks on me right? Angel, angel…”

“Yes mom”. Her fifteen years old daughter ran to the kitchen.

” Get me 10 sachets of water from the freezer immediately.”

“Shiiii shiii shiii shiii…”
As the cold water was poured on her, Nma, woke up with a scream.

“Useless girl, now get up from there, go and remove that rag you are putting on and return to this kitchen in the next 5 seconds.”

She left shivering like a naked woman about to be gang raped by unknown gun men…????


“Mom… Mom, come and see. Is that not Nma being interviewed on CNN as one of the top 3 successful female entrepreneurs in Ghana”, her second daughter; Juliet screamed in excitement.

“Ewooo, look at how beautiful and wealthy Nma has become. I’m so ashamed of myself. No boldness to even attempt reaching out to her for a handshake. My late husband warned me to be careful not to hurt her, but I didn’t listen.
I subjected her to licking my feet. My three children are graduates now, but no job, she could have employed all of you or at least establish a business for any of you. See where envy and wickedness has led me to. I just didn’t want her to be better than my children…” Ann lamented as Juliet patted her shoulders in tears.

Had she seen the future of Nma twenty years ago, Ann would have been kind to her, even though she wasn’t her own child.
But, no one knows tomorrow, so she missed her opportunity to make things right.

Juliet was the only one different among them, she would secretly help Nma out in washing when their mother is out.
No wonder she was full of joy seeing Nma featured on CNN.
She still hopes that some day her path will cross with Nma…


About the Author

Blessing Chibuike popularly known as ‘Blessed Pen’ is the Principal Consultant of Blessed Pen and Designs Consults. She’s a skilled story teller, content creator, copy writer and a proof reader. She holds a BA in Linguistics And Communication Studies, UNICAL.

Outside business, with her Blessed Pen, she heals the souls of men by creating stories out of anything and everything you can think of.

She’s also the founder of Whole Life Foundation: a platform where alongside her team, she inspires hundreds of lives, organise webinars and also, offline outreaches for teenagers in High schools.

Importantly, she’s an ardent follower of Christ. She believes; “life is worthless without Christ”.

You can follow her on Facebook @ Blessed Pen ( ).

Connect with her on WhatsApp via: +2347069733917

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