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LitNaija Launches Young Writers Desk Nigeria

Young Writers in Nigeria are usually never encouraged. Most people think writing should end as a hobby and one can’t possibly earn from it — at least not easily.

Of course, the above is a statement no one should believe especially young writers. There are a lot of people who are making it big from writing.  Some people will discourage you when you say you love writing by saying “Oh, that’s great! But asides writing, what else do you do to earn a living?
Whoever gave the impression that writing is not a credible source of incomee was wrong.  It is! Except when there is lack of passion, skill and consistency.

Asides the income, writing brings the feeling of fulfilment and that fulfilment beings joy. A true writer is gladened knowing their piece is being read.  – a feeling which can not be bought.

So, dear young writers, do not deprive yourself of this joy because someone wants you to get another job that suits what society depicts as professional.

In subsequent post, we would share tips on how you can make money through writing, especially in the Nigerian economy. For now here is what you should know about Young Writers Desk Nigeria #YWDN.

Young Writers Desk is a step to encouraging the slowly submerging passion of Nigerian writers. With this platform, writers can have their work published for the world to see. It is like putting yourself in the market, How will you start making money from writing if people don’t know what you do. You have to start by putting yourself in the market first and that’s what we intend to do with this platform on LitNaija.

It is also an avenue to save your works and get to them anytime you feel like it and also show others about it. Surely we would get to the point where we compensate our dedicated writers and we hope you reading right now will be part of them (if you have a passion for writing.

Here is how to begin!

Send us a message on Whatsapp (09026180949) or send a mail at to get started. No fidgets, this blog was created for you and we are family! The Nigerian Writers Family. We long to hear from you soon!

There has no expiration date, but the time is ticking as the world awaits your awesomeness. Remember- Writers rule with their pen.

Thanks for reading!
We wait to hear from you!

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