LitNaija Launches Young Writers Desk Nigeria

LitNaija Launches Young Writers Desk Nigeria

Young Writers in Nigeria as usually never encouraged. Most people see writing as something you do for a hobby but you shouldn’t make it a full time job because it doesn’t pay.

Ofcourse this is a lie no one should believe especially young writers growing up. You’d kill your dream if you listen to such statement. We know a lot of persons who after saying to them that you are a writer, they will be like…
Oh that’s really great! But asides writing what do you do to put food on the table?
Who ever gave that impression that writing would not put a good meal on the table. It will! Except for some writers whose work no one ever wants to read, because they write lacking skill and passion.

There is a complete joy in itself asides the money to come for writing, if you are a true writer, there is this gladness in your heart that comes from knowing or watching people read your piece. That feeling can not be bought any where! So do not deprive yourself that gladness of heart because someone wants you to get another job that suits what the society has told them is actuality.

We are going to talk about how you can make money from writing, especially being in the Nigerian economy in subsequent post so keep an eye out for this! Today is should just be about Young Writers Desk Nigeria #YWDN. The reason for this post.

Young Writers Desk is our first step to taking action to the slowly submerged passion in Nigerian writers. Have you been to your Whatsapp status recently? About 30% of your contact at least and we meant at least is already into the cloth and shoe business. These are the same persons that when you ask them about their , they will say..
I used to love writing poems and those sort of things…
A passion now pushed aside for what society through family has said.

With this platform, writers can have their work published for the world to see. It is like putting yourself in the market, How will you start making money from writing if people don’t know what you do. You have to start by putting yourself in the market first and that’s what we intend to do with this platform on LitNaija.

It is also an avenue to save your works and get to them anytime you feel like and also show others about it. Surely we would get to that bridge where we compensate dedicated writers and we hope you reading right now will be part of them if writing is your passion.

How do you begin this adventure? Send a message to us on Whatsapp (09026180949) or send us a mail on to get started. No fidgets, this blog was created for you and we are family! The Nigerian Writers Family. We long to hear from you soon!

There is no deadline, the only deadline you have to remember is that LIFE IS TOO SHORT to not put out at least an article for the world to see and know what’s going on in your mind. Writers rule with their pen so start your rule now!

Thanks for reading!
We are anxiously waiting to hear from you!

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