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The issue of Tyranny in kola Eke’s Tyrannosaurus I

This is a review on the issue of Tyranny in kola Eke’s poem. We hope you find this very useful.
Tyrannosaurus I is a poem by Kola Eke. The name “Tyrannosaurus” is a coined word, a neologism. The poem depicts a tyrannical leader of Harare, Mugabe who ruled the people of Zimbabwe in absolute terror.

Mugabe was a tyrant, the

“Why old fox of Harare”

Who “smashed” oppositions “with his powerful hindlegs”.

He executed rebels, rigged elections, killed thousands of his people, wiped out a whole community, snatched lands of the white men and distributed them to the friends and supporters of his party and tyranny.

Mugabe was a terror to his people, he is a typical example of an African tyrant. The dislocation of language and animalistic terms are used to depict the fierceness and wickedness of the leaders.

Content credit: Ejiro Omokri

The Author

Kola Eke is currently lecturing in the university of Benin, UNIBEN Edo state in the English and literary studies department. He is the author of Tyrannosaurus I and other published work.

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