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After so many years, the first true love story everyone is taught is the story of Romeo and Juliet or Jack and Rose in Titanic. Stories that have no foundation to the religious faith and if you are a christian, you know what they say about the Bible that If your knowledge does not tally with the scripture then it’s faulty.

This story is dedicated to Christianity!
Romeo and Juliet was never in the Bible but here’s a biblical love story that nobody ever told.

Delilah by Ese Omokri

My name is Delilah
Fairest of them amongst the Philistines.
My eyes sparkle when kissed by the sun.
And my hair as brown as the purest bronze

Many were the men who sought after me yet only one did I yield myself to.

Day after day gifts were brought to my doorstep yet for nothing did I let him have me.

Two different Nations but our hearts were one.

I was ready to leave Every thing behind and follow my heart!

My people! My Sorek!

I was Ready to love Samson with all my mind.

Same mind he blew with every touch!
He knew just how to get it right.

But when trouble came!

My lords came!

And so did Dilemma
Delilah the betrayer!
Delilah! This is treason! Same man who..
with the Jawbone of an ass
Heaps upon heaps
With the Jawbone of an ass
Slain a thousand men.
A thousand Philistines!
Same man has Delilah harboured in her bosom! Shame on you!
My lords said to me!
Delilah have you heard?
your city lies undefended! The gates are no more!
Shame on you Delilah !

Poor me!
Not that the money the lords offered was enticing but with pain in my heart…
I bid my love to tell me the secret of his strength ..

So my people can be free and my love can be normal for me!

For us!

Seven fresh bowstrings which have not been dried.

He lied!

New ropes that have not been used.

He lied!

Weave the locks and make them tight with the pin

He lied! Again and Again

Maybe the man whom I love does not love me just as much!
Oh shame on me!
Why do men lie?
Samson why do you lie?
How can you say you love me
When your heart is not with me
Day after Day you lie!
I betrayed my people for a man I meant nothing to but just a temporal companion.
This hurt me!
Who can say I’m wrong?
What I did I did for love.
I will get the money from the lords!
only so that when Samson is a normal man we will run away and start anew!

No lords!
No people!
No gods!

He loves me…
The finest wine did the trick
and on my knees my love laid.
We took off the locks..
we took off the spirit…
Alas my love is Normal
They didn’t tell me, I never knew!

That his eyes will be plucked out
I didn’t know!

The bronze fetters,
The prison
The celebration
I wasn’t told
Now they use my love for sport and sing me praises.
Never was this my desire!

In the corridors I saw my love and apologized.
I told him we could escape
I told him I had the money

he didn’t want that,
He didn’t want me!

He told me to run if I wanted life.
He told me to save myself
And save our baby in my womb!

But Life meant nothing without Samson
So I stood…

with tears I stood

And The house came down!

The end

About The Author

Ese Omokri is graduate of Mass communication Department, Delta state University, Abraka. A creative and short story writer. She is the author of Kumbuye, call palava, Angel in disguise, my little daughter among others. Which you would find on our short story section.

Thanks for reading!

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