Flash Fiction Short stories

Angel In Disguise

It’s not my fault that I’m not pregnant yet. I wish someone will explain to my mother in-law that there’s a set time called God’s time. This woman has taken me to different places in the name of searching for the fruit of the womb.
The last place we went to is totally my the deal breaker! I’m fed up! My husband even thinks we are bonding during these many travels and encourages it. (Only if he knew I could stab myself for it)please God I’m truly tired! Why me?
Now I’m working on the road like a confused lady on a Sunday evening because I am literally ‘carrying’ my problems with me.

“Felisha! The lord has visited you today!”
I turned my back to see a strange looking man in white shirt and brown trousers. How did he know my name? (I guess God knows my name after all) maybe God is not always silent as I thought. See goose bumps dancing on my skin. Although I was scared but there was so much issues bothering me that when the Angel said I have a problem I didn’t ask which problem? Tears filled my eyes and I said Jeeesuuus like those women I usually laugh at crusades. He told me all the words I wanted to hear and after that asked me to lead the way to any peaceful place.

Even the Bible said Jesus went to a quiet corner, Isaac was alone, Abraham went up the hill and Hannah did not join the crowd at the temple. Who am I not to find a peaceful place for this Angel to get to work? God forbid that I block my own miracle!
So we went behind the nearest building I could find that was a bit restricted, a place I’m certain we wouldn’t see anyone for a while except he/she had a secret intention.
The man who told me he was an Angel lit a candle with a lighter and I still didn’t see anything wrong about that!. Well, an Angel with a lighter should not interfere in my Miracle!
“Father in heaven! Have your way. Just have your way oh God. I’m desperate for you!”
My shoulders became lighter when the man handed me the candle and asked that I present myself lowly before Christ and tell him what i wanted. (When he said lowly he meant i should take off my accessories and shoes and be humble in his presence) I didn’t know these things matter, my pastor’s wife must have been erring. Within few minutes I appeared lowly before Christ indeed and as the candle burned I kept speaking with my eyes closed with as instructed.
I thought about my husband, my family, my unborn child and this ongoing Miracle, especially as it is happening without my mother in-law. What a Joy! Tears and mucus filled my face as I kept praying. The Angel was now silent, too silent…
So I took a little peek to make sure I didn’t ignore him for so long. But ràrà o. Na only me remain. And I mean only me, only my lowly self. All other things including my bag, accessories and the man was gone!
Father lord the man took my belongings!
Let me rephrase ” the Angel has gone with my bag!
If you think I’m sad! You are wrong! In that bag, was a concoction worth 300 thousand ( you can say 400 plus transport and hotel bills) of different stinking animal eggs that I’m supposed to take or else face the furry of my mother in-law and maybe my husband because he was expecting I bring them. This dirty mixture has worked for some other woman. But now it’s gone! I have been looking for a way to get rid of it than take it, I even wished a vehicle knocked me down, but now it’s gone! Hallelujah. The Angel took it away. Well he can consider my shoes as a Thanksgiving offering. I can’t wait to run home and share my Joy of being robbed!(that I was robbed by an angel.. Is a secret I’m happy to keep).

The end

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