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Call palava

For your reading pleasure from our short story author, humorously find out why it is necessary to end every call when you’re done!

Short story; call palava

Mama Austin  a fruit seller remembers her husband a shore worker should be on his way back from the vessel for a two week break

“Austin abeg give me phone make I call your papa, make I ask am where him dey! Whether in still dey come house”.

She picked up her mobile phone and dialed her husband’s number, after a brief pause ,

“hello! Honey!”  she said in a local tone, “how far, you nor dey come house again”?

Man’s voice from the other end..

“I be just wan call you now o, the road too tight and I nor go fit continue the journey, you no say I carry money for hand. When morning reach, I go enter road”. He said.

“Ha! Na Wa, na im you come let me  prepare yor best soup dey wait you.. no wahala!. Make you hole your money well o. Bye bye” 

“I hear  you, Bye Bye! he replies

*     *     *     *     *     *    *    *   *    *    *

(Papa Austin and his lover)

“Honey who was that?

“it was My wife” he replied

“Why did she call at this moment when I was enjoying something, she wants to spoil the fun?”

“She wants to find out if I’m still coming home” he said

” hmm I hope it was really your wife o, you know I can be very jealous” she teased him

Baby…. she was the one, you can check the phone if you want, you know I love you, will I be here if I don’t love you?”

“I will still check” she picked the phone


“Baby! you are calling somebody o, or you didn’t end your last call who is mama Austin?”

“What do you mean?”  he jerked



Mama Austin replies from the other end


Call ends.

About the author

Ese Omokri is an upcoming script writer, Editor and short story writer, she has written other short stories published on sweek and here on litnaija. Some of her stories include kumbuye; the Malady, Amnesia and others.

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