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Ouida Books Signs New Author

Ouidabooks signs contract with Ayo Oyeku

Just as much as celebrities are announced or celebrated when signed into new labels we celebrate authors newly signed into a publishing house especially here on litNaija. Celebrating with Ouida Books and Ayo Oyeku.

Ouida Books on the 13th of October announced on Twitter, the successful new signing in of the famous children author, Ayo Oyeku, author of their first children’s book Mafoya and the finish line to be published soon under their Tanja Imprint.

They on Twitter posted that;

we are very happy to announce that we have just signed an agreement with the author of our first children’s book; “Mafoya and the finish line” by Ayo oyeku (@eight_sense) to be published under our Tanja Imprint. We are very excited please welcome him to the family!

The post was accompanied by photos of the author and others who are personnel of Ouida books.

Oyeku reading through the yet to be signed deal

Almost a finished work here since he has his pen on those papers!

We celebrate with Ouida books and Oyeku at the success of this!

About Ouida books

Born in Lagos in 2016, Ouida Books is publishing books for the eclectic reader. Apart from fantastic fiction, they are into biography, humour-writing and creative nonfiction. And according to them, they have also got something cooking for young readers which we’re launching in 2018. ( indeed signing in Ayo must be the start of something great)

Ouida Books is inspired by the pin-tailed Whydah, known for its love of freedom, its courage and undeniable elegance.

About Ayo Oyeku


Ayo Oyeku is a young Nigerian writer born in 1985 in Ibadan, south-west of Nigeria. He studied physics with electronics in University. He writes children books and now has a contract with ouida books. He wrote two children story books published in 2004, First Among Equals and Nobel Ambition. His latest work so far is Tears Of The Lonely published in 2011.

We celebrate both parties!


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