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The Road to Libya

World Anti slavery Day The Road to Libya is a short story dedicated to modern day slavery, common in Nigeria, mostly amongst the people of Edo and Delta states of the South-south region.  Written by Ejiro Omokri. Tonia had told me that the land is green across the waters, I remember her very words, ‘babe […]

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Call palava

For your reading pleasure from our short story author, humorously find out why it is necessary to end every call when you’re done! Short story; call palava Mama Austin  a fruit seller remembers her husband a shore worker should be on his way back from the vessel for a two week break “Austin abeg give […]

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Collins Offiong publishes his first Novel ‘Home is a Distant Dot’

A very Much anticipated and awaited step from the remarkable short story writer and Whilom Nigerian journalist, Collins Offiong who published his first novel titled Home is a Distant Dot in the Early end of this year 2018. It is no doubt that an extract from his book will leave any reader salivating for more! […]

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Ouida Books Signs New Author

Ouidabooks signs contract with Ayo Oyeku Just as much as celebrities are announced or celebrated when signed into new labels we celebrate authors newly signed into a publishing house especially here on litNaija. Celebrating with Ouida Books and Ayo Oyeku. Ouida Books on the 13th of October announced on Twitter, the successful new signing in […]


What is Prose?

Prose in Nigerian literature Prose is the aspect of literature that deals with story telling in form of ordinary writing. It is written in plain language without rhythm and other figure of speech or sound. It’s main message or theme is conveyed without acting. It exhibits a natural flow of speech and has no metrical […]

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Chimamanda’s creative writing workshop returns

Chimmanda Ngozi Adiche returns with the Chimamanda Creative Writing workshop now called the  Purple Hibiscus Trust Creative Writing Workshop this year, just like she promised, she is back and better. This time, the Chimamanda Creative Writing workshop has returned as the Purple Hibiscus Trust Creative Writing Workshop. It is also sponsored by Trace Nigeria, a […]