END OF THE WAR by Okinba Launko

A poem characterized under the African poetry. They say, a war only ends, when another war begins: the silence of the battlefield heralds the widow’s anguish   For, to set questions is not as hard as finding answers….   Our war has ended because war is now with us   The deserted houses, the fallen […]


Naked souls by Adeoti Gbemisola

A carnival of naked souls Dancing through blooming thorns Hopping with muffled shrill On souls of thorns and glass chips With aging faces in puzzling smiles Drained of terror     A passerby points attention To the horror locked in Lisping lips and clanging teeth All dancing figures in a pool of spikes     […]


Folktales in Nigerian Literature

Folktale is a very important form of oral literature especially when it relates to literature in Nigeria. Folktales are narrative or traditional stories constructed from the imagination of people over time. They are popular stories handed down from generation to generation used for several purposes, ranging from accessing morality to educative purpose, to relaxation and […]


The Nigerian literature

The Nigeria literature as it implies refers to the literature domain of the Nigerian people, it entails the good and the bad, dos and donts, which are common to the Nigerian style of writing and the society, created or reformed by Nigerians based on their culture and tradition and directed to the Nigerian audience. It […]

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LitNaija interviews Richard Ali for ‘Ordinary saviour’

“Ordinary Saviour: New Stories from Nigeria’s Northeast” is an anthology of short stories edited by Richard Ali and Abubakar Adam Ibrahim. Comprising eleven stories written by the Northeast Regional Initiative’s NEIEF Fellows, the collection provides a voice for local experiences of the conflict as well as counternarratives. It was published by Parresia Publishers Limited for […]