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Tosin Jibade reviews ‘Africa Rise and Shine’ by Jim Ovia

The Nigerian queen of social media and author  ‘Olori super gal’, Tosin Ajibade on Instagram reviews Jim Ovia’s book highlighting ten major importance of the book and why it is a must read.

The exciting and inspiring words written by her is indeed worth sharing!

Lessons from #Africaariseand shine by Jim Ovia

The book has chapters about passion,branding, structure, innovation, technology, trends,networking, philanthropy, work, family and many more. Jim Ovia’s story took me through a journey of struggle and the success he attained over the past few years. Some of the lessons learnt in this book are;

1. Entrepreneur passion is crucial for the success of any enterprise. Ensure that you are not only able to be passionate at every thing you do, from your business to your hobbies, but that you are also able to value that traits in others

2. This book demonstrate that the future can hold anything that a well educated and hardworking African can desire.

3. Be focused and committed in what you do.

4. I learnt how to maximize opportunities even when the situation is uncomfortable.

5. Networking as an entrepreneur places more value in who you know than in what you have. Establish your network one person at a time by being reliable and patient.

6. The trend towards rapid tech development will continue so make the presumption that the tech of tomorrow is accommodated in the plans you make today.

7. Pay it forward

8. You need enough foresight and strategic planning that can be the single deciding factor for the success of your business.

9. To pave way for success and future leadership roles, the employees today must apply diligent effort, cultivate the desire to learn what it takes to succeed and must be flexible in their thinking and nourish good relationships with workers.

10. Listen to your gut, follow your instincts.

She advices us To get the book immediately!

Jim Ovia is one of Nigeria’s finest business man, founder of Zenith bank (1990)Ovia is the founder of Visafone Communications Limited and the chairman of both the Nigerian Software Development Initiative (NSDI) and the National Information Technology Advisory Council (NITAC). He is a member of the Honorary International Investor Council as well as the Digital Bridge Institute (DBI). He is the Chairman of Cyberspace Network Limited.

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