END OF THE WAR by Okinba Launko

A poem characterized under the African poetry.

They say,

a war only ends,

when another war begins:

the silence of the battlefield

heralds the widow’s anguish


For, to set questions

is not as hard as finding answers….


Our war has ended

because war is now with us


The deserted houses, the fallen rafters

breed the city’s slums

and the praise singers are not dead

they have only gone to the barracks ….

the butchers fill the parliaments ….

and the victims no longer die by bullets

but survive to pay the levies


Listen ___ they will tell you ___

to beat drums is mere children’s play

the adult’s is to start echoes ….

Okinba Launko is a pen name of the playwright and poet, Femi Osofisan. He has been honoured with awards and appointments for his lifetime achievements. A much respected name in African letters, Osofisan has been winner of the Folon-Nichols Award, and was Director of a national theatre. He is known for his famous play ‘The Women of Owu (2006) . His poems include Minted Coins (1987) and Dream Seeker on a DIvining Chain (1993).

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