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My little daughter

I thought now that I’m 21, I should have grown past this teenage relationship bug that keeps me fussing around, thinking if true love was meant for me. 24hrs ago I was basking in my adoring relationship, Charming young man who thought I was the only thing he wanted in the whole universe. It seems like forces against love knocked or my door or charms of doom wiled me to thinking something was wrong, now I have to cry at every movie scene that flaunts love in the air.
Lora! Lora!
Oh no! Not again, I haven’t put out the light to the rice, this is the third time in a row I’m burning a meal. My mum has the right to be mad at me this time.
I met her in the kitchen filling a glass with pineapple juice, she was smiling, I didn’t expect that
‘what’s wrong with you’? She handed me the juice as she smiled.
I was scared…. This is my mum, will she be okay knowing her little girl is having love issues or boy trouble whatever. I’m sure she doesn’t even think I have kissed a boy…
I really need a shoulder to cry on, my only sibling is a boy away in calabar wearing those green khaki and orange shoes in retarded camps. He would have been in the best position to talk me out of this Jinx. He knows my dating history like the back of his palm and he can confirm that while all the rest have been total failures or extracts from a wacky movie, this was genuine, I was actually in love for once in my young life.

“Mummy… I’m sorry…. I….forgot that….”

“Oh! The rice?…. You know with my experience in the kitchen, I can actually tell you that the burnt ones are sometimes the nicest” she smiled at me.
(Wow) I’m scared, heartbroken and confused but that statement helped a little, I could feel a part of my lower lip pushing for a smile, I quickly knocked it out so i don’t take advantage of my mum’s play acting, I think it would be wrong to use the word charade.
‘Come with me’ as she said, she actually cat walked out of the kitchen to the living room, connected her phone to the theatre and to my surprise, for an old lady, she really had a nice song to play, sounds like a love song.

Oh no, I wish I could just break down immediately, throw my hands around my legs folded and let those tears run through but mummy was here.
I could feel a tiny tear forcing it’s way out, I tried to hide it by lowering my head.
“You know I have seen you cry a thousand times right”? Mummy smiled, ….”some were hurtful, some were charming and some were just annoying”… she made a face…. And it really got me…. that face she made when I and Ben told her to wear a lingerie for dad’s birthday night.
I couldn’t help it, I laughed and and let a part of me loose, I think too loose that my face was filled with tears..

Matters of the heart right?

I nodded, cleaning my nose which was now producing phlegm.

Were you in love?

I nodded again, I wanted to explain how much I was in love but I remembered it was my Mummy so I restrained and wiped my nose again

Did he cheat on you?

I shook my head’ this time I sat down “No mummy!… it was perfect, he would never have cheated on me, he is not that type.. I wish he did… I spoke on and on…

‌’no greater lover like you Jesus’

That was from the song? reality brought me back, it was a Christian song all along mum will definitely be mum. All the same, she has me where she wants, I was too deep in it to stop.

‘’mum, I’ll say I found love in the wrong place…. but even at that, it was too perfect to be called wrong“

My mum was listening like a teenager and asking the right questions even my friends might not ask

“So what stopped you from going on?”

“I thought about the future, I thought about responsibility, I thought about you and daddy, this is what I want,this is the kind of home I want to have, I want to have a kind of life that looks like yours, I want to be happy but with a pure home where everyone is at liberty to discuss God and still grind” that made my mum smile…

“You didn’t discuss the bible together?”
I think that’s the one thing we lacked….
The conversation lasted another three hours which was unbelievable because I was the major speaker, and what was more surprising was that she hung on my every word, and with few questions I was beginning to enjoy the moment, my mum, the juice, the music, all perfect.
“baby, you’re beginning to get the whole essence of life, what you had, will prepare you for the best in future, you’re a wise little girl and you will make a far better mum than I am. (she smiled ) you had a really good time but your love for an upright life will set you with kings. I and your father have had an amazing life but as individuals before marriage, it wasn’t a bed of roses, I, Oree had tons of different experience on relationships, some loving, some hellish but that’s what makes our life beautiful and its fun, even to write about”
“Mum that reminds me, your book on Oree’s heavenly relationship was it real?”
That’s a story for another day, she said with a very good laugh, for now, you need to bribe me or start thinking of a really good excuse to give your dad for that rice you burnt!

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