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11 year old Munachi Mbonu publishes her first books

kid Author; Munachi Mbonu publishes two books The books Concealed and Chidubem: A child of destiny was launched on the 15th of July, written by the 11 year old Munachi Mbonu, a primary six graduate of  the Grande Oakbridge Montessori School, Lekki where she graduated as the head girl of her school. Munachi when interviewed said Concealed, […]

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The Interplay of Theme and Style in J.P. Clark’s ‘The Wives Revolt’

The wives’ Revolt written by J.P. Clark, first Acted in 1984 at the J.k Randle Hall by PEC Repertory Theatre in its 3rd Season on March – December, is a play that largely addresses the treatment of gender issue in Africa. The play is a typical modern African drama and J.P. Clark uses the Niger […]

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It Has No Name By Nana Sule

We usually don’t get the best of Flash Fiction but this is one very special  flash fiction written by the Muslim writer Nana Sule. It explains a scene of heart break and pain, using vivid words and relatable scenarios in a style that sends home the message. Nana sule has a fabulous writing style! IT […]

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Tosin Jibade reviews ‘Africa Rise and Shine’ by Jim Ovia

The Nigerian queen of social media and author  ‘Olori super gal’, Tosin Ajibade on Instagram reviews Jim Ovia’s book highlighting ten major importance of the book and why it is a must read. The exciting and inspiring words written by her is indeed worth sharing! Lessons from #Africaariseand shine by Jim Ovia The book has […]

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Figures of sound in literature

Figures of sound in literature has to do with poetic devices that are appealing musically or metrically in a literary work. Unlike the usual poetic devices which we refer to figures of speech, these has the ability to beautify a line more to the ears of the audience. 1. Alliteration: This is the repetition of […]

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5 Tips to studying a Poem; Nigerian Literature

While some poems can be very difficult to comprehend and sometimes boring to enjoy your study, there are ways you can do a perfect job on them without having to sleep over it or develop a headache on a particular poem. First things first! You have to read the poem completely and make sure you […]

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The Poem; Give Me The Minstrel’s Seat

This is a traditional poem which originates from the Swahili people in Kenya. The theme of the poem hinges on companionship, the benefits and beauty of companionship. Woman can not exist except by man… As man goes through life soon he is pierced  by the thorn or the sand-mote enters his eye and he needs […]

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Play; The Barbed Wire

The barbed wire is a Ugandan play with six scenes written by Rugyendo Mukotani. The play is said to be for the struggling peasants and workers who can no longer be mystified that things have always been as they are and shall forever be. One man takes all and leaves the majority hungry even with […]