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What Wikipedia havent told you about Wole Soyinka

We read kola Tubosun’s narration on his tour to Wole Soyinka’s house in Abeokuta this and we must admit is one of the very well written narrative we might have seen. Kola Tubosun, a great writer to say, narrated his visit to the house of the  prominent Nigerian writer.

We had planned to meet at his office in Lagos a day earlier, but when torrential rain had prevented him from making it, he invited me to his home, a hundred kilometers to the north. “Would you like us to meet in Abẹ́òkuta? I can arrange that for this week. I’m thinking that this might even be more useful for you…”

(It was.)

Kola Tubosun

from his documentation, we can say it is one of the best houses one can tour, especially as an Art student or lover. Asides that, Tubosun exposes gestures, old personal stories told by Wole Soyinka himself, artifacts bought and even stolen.

You can read the whole of the story at

The house sits tucked away behind a thick forest; from the road you would never know a house lay behind it. There is no visible fence, just a thicket disguising the entrance. If you wandered in by mistake, a boldly-lettered sign at the entrance reads: “TRESPASSING VEHICLES WILL BE SHOT AND EATEN.”

Following the story is like being i n the house itself but then again we long to be  and see especially the amphitheater.

“We walked around his estate for about twenty minutes, looking at a newly designed public amphitheatre on the grounds, but I was the one left panting. At eighty-four, Ṣóyínká doesn’t show signs of fatigue.”

This narrative says a lot especially. One that you haven’t seen or read about in other blogs or Wikipedia! Not unless they find it now.

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