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Shattered Part Two

Femi! I said with shaky feet, waiting for an explanation as to why he was coming out of a hotel with a strange  woman. He looked at me surprised and speechless, I ran to the car with tears in my eyes.

A thousand thoughts ran through my mind, do I call of my wedding? Do I marry a cheating man? When did Femi change to be this person. All plans I had for the day cancelled.

Shola laid on the bed comforting me, “men will always be Men my dear, they are all the same just calm down, maybe we could move the wedding forward so you can clear your head” I picked up my phone to view femi’s calls which were already up to 53 I turned my mobile data on and his chats kept coming in.

Femi explained that she was an old friend and nothing had transpired between them. She kept calling saying she needed help and was stranded in the hotel and asked him to help her he did it for old time sake, when he got there she was throwing up and bleeding so he agreed to take her to the hospital. He sent her number in case I wanted to meet up with her. I still had my doubt even though I knew Femi (my dream man) was almost a saint! I copied out her number but i didn’t want to use my phone just in case he had planned with her what to do when my call comes in.

I picked Shola’s phone and input the numbers but before I was done the same number appeared as her last call and messages sent. I clicked open the message

“I hope you’re are ready and he is with you… We are on our way”

My own best friend and sister wants to shatter my world, I showed her the message which she stupidly did not delete.

I  gave her the only thing I could which is silence as I carried on with my preparations and made my way to say I do.

But I couldn’t deny that half my emotions was shattered by sisterly betrayal!

The End.

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