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Mark watched Jacy doze off on the sofa and thought it would be better not to disturb her, after all the doctor said she needs the most care she can get!.
He kissed her fore head and put out the lights while he headed for the bedroom, on his way he grabbed a slice of bread put some peanut butter and also switched off the lights.
He had thought of the worse that could happen even with this sickness around them, he knew the love they had for each other was stronger than anything. But never assumed he would meet death!
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Its 3:00am, Jacy woke up having catnapped on the sofa early that night, the urge to pee led her out of the dark sitting room and through the passageway. power outage was not uncommon in Africa, especially Nigeria so she scrabbled her way to the bathroom and still yet unconsciously flipped the switch for light but darkness responded. She iterated the movement to the privy and pulled down her white shorts, with much relief, she thought of Mark, the love of her life, he must be at home by now missing her just as much she is missing him even though they saw during the day, she pulled up her shorts, walked to the room in a pitiable gait and laid on the bed, just then did she remember that she had ignored a lot of things on her way here, just like the light from her neighbours’ room, the cream and bread on the kitchen cabinet, the neatly arranged bed, she knew immediately that someone else was at home and right there in the room, all thoughts flashed through her mind at once and caused her to jerk!

 The intruder tried to hold her down and the bed side lamp  was the closest defensive tool she could find, she swung her arm with full force towards the figure, jumped off the bed to the door. The familiar voice groaning brought her to a halt, she reached for the switch and flipped, the light came on. Only then did she remember that all lights were turned off by mark as this was his routine and the bulb in the convenience waxed out and she forget to get a new one, -she wasn’t alone-  Mark her boyfriend had decided to stay a little longer to watch her because the doctor reported that her brain disease was becoming worse than before and she would need a closer watch, she screamed in regret as she watched mark lie in a pool of his own blood.

The end

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