Short stories


  • ????????‍♀I used to be a beauty, like a pink diamond with high clarity, my curvy waist was my selling point but how things went wrong, I do not know.
Marriage was the least of my worries, as a matter of fact I enjoyed the treats I got from politicians and other top ranking men but since I turned 29 mama never stopped visiting from the village.
“Kumbuye, I need my grand children” were the only words she would reply my greetings with,
“Mama I can’t marry chief” was always my reply
????Chief is almost the richest man in our small town and the few times I visited home, the man never stopped looking at my waist, I found this irritating not because he lusted after me(of course I have dated men older than him) but because he wants to make me a third wife and he is even proud of it. I’m sure he has been feeding mama with gifts because she comes to me with praises of him that makes me think she will marry him herself when I say no????.
I have to come up with a quick plan if I don’t want to end up as a third wife, I redressed my wardrope and stopped picking some people’s call, some of my top sugar daddies (this wasn’t easy).
Daniel, a very responsible young man who has been asking me out for a very long time, has a good job and he knows how to treat a lady well, although I haven’t had sex with him to know whether he is real jumpy down there, Truth be told I was curious! He seemed too gentle. Nevertheless I began to pay him more aattention
My charm worked well and five months into our relationship we were already beginning to yarn nuptial things.
Only for things to change the next month, Daniel decided to answer the call of God in his life, as for me I knew I could be many things but not a pastor’s wife????????‍♀, he goes to mountains, he fasts, he does all sort of strange things but I said I couldn’t continue with him and his routine
By the way the sex thing, I know of girls refusing sex not boys, this was new for me so I found my root and left!????????‍♀
He called and called, for where, ” me kumbuye, I did not pick o” pastor’s wife ke?
Of a truth, I didn’t think I was worthy of it considering my past.
I felt a little empty after leaving Daniel, I couldn’t go back to my old life, my 30th birthday was soon, fear of reaching 35 without marriage scared me… I gathered courage and asked mama about chief.
Of course she was happy to give chief my contact and have him call me and few months later I was married as a third wife to a wealthy man????????
Married woman
married woman!
This sound echoed with joy in my head and my stomach felt like berries digesting in cloud 9.
Few months later, the little joy I had disappeared! chief was acting weird and I mean really weird. He calls me the anal wife.
I thought this was because of my selling point at first????????‍♀ but later things became clear!
Chief caressed every part of me like a violent hunter devouring his game, but after the so called fore play chief would face me to the bed and fill my behind with lubricant. And then the worse of it happens in the next four to six minutes. This was horrible.
 I wasn’t a shy person, I have been with men, so I asked the second if this was how chief liked to have sex? And to my surprise she said only the first wife has normal sex which is frontal and she the second wife gives only heads and she could tell I’m anal alone.
This sounded terrifying.
So you mean for the rest of my life I’m going to give one man only my buttocks for sex????????‍♀?
I was sharp but chief was smarter, we were never allowed to go far from the house and not without the driver’s watch, the few times I could visit my mother, I told her what was happening
” mama chief is doing only my bumbum oo”
At first she did not think of the implication of this, she reminded me of how a wife should be submissive not until I explained to her that I couldn’t give her grand children this way. Then she understood the plight????????✖
Daniel is now a pastor, I would have been doing lots of praying than sexing but at least there would be real SEX????
After a while I got tired, and one day, I complained to my driver he felt sorry for me but he was under chief’s orders and could not disobey, then I played his mind, worked on him like I had done with my tough clients and before he knew it, the same week we had sex in chief’s brand new Ford car, we were all sweaty but I admired his strength, he was strong and firm and so was his grip. I couldn’t wait for my next opportunity, I thought of the driver day after day????
After six to seven times or maybe more(I lost count) I discovered I was getting sick. If this is pregnancy, I know it’s trouble if I don’t act fast, I tricked both chief and the first wife by giving them drugs gotten by the driver.
After their love making in highness, I exchange the first wife with my self and when chief woke up I accused him of being high and doing a frontal with me instead of the first wife. He quietly left the room while I hoped and prayed he believed every word I fabricated. Weeks later I was really sick and my stomach was beginning to swell. Every one began to accept the fact that chief had gotten me pregnant.????????????
Not even my mum knew the real truth, told you I was smart????.
But the pregnancy was really getting me sick, about a week and, chief was to go for a job outside the country and they needed to do medical check up on them and he was relieved of his duties after discovering he had HIV
Chief was not really a man who sleeps out so he came back home and demanded we all got checked.
Every other person was either HIV 1 or 2 but mine was HIV stage 3.
Nobody was stupid and so they demanded answers.
After much commotion at home and tears, I confessed my relationship with the driver and we discover he had AIDS. I knew my life was finished, I wished I could turn back the hand of time, I and Daniel would be calling a host of Angels from heaven by now????,
Chief has enough money to keep himself alive but I wasn’t sure he was willing to do that for me and the other two wives.
He made me live the house first by forging the murder of the driver on me, how he died I have no idea but chief swore to make sure i spend the rest of my life in jail.
My life
My mother
My baby
My baby’s life.
The thought of killing my self in prison filled my mind, I never got HIV from the multiple men I slept with during my single days why now? That stupid driver, the reason I am in jail, I wasn’t happy he was murdered but with AIDS he was doomed to die either way.
The cell here is hell!????
Our ward in prison was different, I assumed we were the ones with some kind of malady, they helped sometimes with little antiviral drugs they could offer and waited for our death day, I hated watching my mom see me go through a lot but some of this was her fault any way…. I told her to stop visiting especially when I thought I was dying soon.
Some days we had preachers come visiting but this particular day was different, this preacher was different, I felt strange, I cried as he spoke and at the end I knew I wanted to die a devoted Christian.
I needed help with this unborn baby.
He made me repeat these words…
Lord Jesus, I need you now more than ever, forgive me for denying you a dwelling place in my body, your temple, I am filthy and unworthy of your presence but by your mercy make me whole again and accept my whole being as yours alone because henceforth I refuse to antagonize you and support the forces of darkness, be the lord and Elohim over my life. Amen.
After the prayer, he gave me a Bible and I studied every day and prayed and also discussed Jesus with my fellow inmates, I became happier even with AIDS and although I accepted my fate (death), I had just one prayer request that my baby do not end up like me, I’m sorry I had to bring a dying baby into the world but let my baby die knowing Christ, I wished someone would call my mother for me so I can tell her I want my child to meet Daniel and be like Daniel ????
I prayed someone, anyone at all should be willing to bring my baby up with Christ in the little life it would live.
two weeks later, I was in labour, so painful, I couldn’t stay still, I shouted and moaned and looked outside my protectors at any chance i got, expecting that God miraculously brought my mother, if at all somebody, tears filled my eyes out of loneliness yet still in pain but I remembered that Somewhere in the Romans 15 there is a revelation of the God of peace that is capable of dwelling with men and 16 says the same God of peace is with me and would bruise Satan under my feet shortly, as they led me out of the ward I held tight my bible and said indeed the God of peace is my Shepherd I shall not fear…..
Two hours later my baby boy was out, my pretty baby boy, I watched the nurses take him for a clean up and I noticed how amazed the doctor was of my delivery, but I was weak, too weak to ask how things were going.
Warm hands woke me from my sleep, I thought I reached heaven already but earth smiled back and said no dear you are still with me???? but to my surprise those warm hands were Daniel’s , and tears filled my eyes, I couldn’t speak I had no strength as well as no flesh just skin and bone.
“Madam I’m very surprised that without the right drugs your baby still came without the disease, its really a healthy baby and beautiful” the doctor smiled at me as he handed my son to me. God indeed answers prayers and he gave my baby a better and new life, I still couldn’t speak I placed my bible on my son and handed the bible and the baby to Daniel and after that was total darkness, I slept in eternal bliss.
Kumbuye’s baby became an apostle,(Apostle Kenneth) led souls to Christ and died at the age of 85, while chief and his wives died eight years after diagnosed of the malady.
Her mother was converted by 10 year old Kenneth before she died at old age. Daniel had four kids with his wife and brought up Kenneth.
 _The end_

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