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I never knew nuptial preparations come with so much tension and heightened ecstasy, now it’s my turn and out of excitement, I have called to confirm my appointment at the spa for the second time in a day, and even the choreographer is tired of my constant chat reminding him of Friday evening.
” Temi you better calm down,if you keep calling every one like this, the caterer is going to prepare your meal three days to your wedding” Shola said, and I smiled leaning on her and exposing my spaced teeth to the point that I became shy afterwards. I’m so glad I have her here with me, It would have been hell without her, my best friend and sister from another mother. The fact that I’m the only girl of five children could be the reason why I need a sister. Today we would  be shopping for my traditional attire, I and shola under the guidance of my personal designer, although Shola didn’t see the need for her to go with us but I insisted because I think it would save us much trouble and not buying unnecessary things.

I wore my favourite short, which i have in different colours, black would fit in today because  I didn’t want to delay shola who was already dressed by trying to match colours, by the way, i was already wearing a pink top. While fixing my shoe laces I called the designer to find out where she was and affirmed that I was coming to pick her soon. As Shola and I moved to the car, I got a text message from my ‘to be’ saying ‘he got tied up and wouldn’t make it for lunch later today’.  I mugged as I sat in the car, ‘Temi what is it?’ Shola asked and I told her Femi sent a text to cancel lunch, I wanted to complain further but I halted my words and drove out of the compound, this is new, Femi doesn’t say ‘he got tied up, he usually explains what ‘tied up’ means and I am the only one who makes such mistake.

I couldn’t get my mind off the text till  shola said something that pulled me back to the road, she wants pick up a parcel at blue stone hotel. That’s new’  I said, and she shrugged.   I don’t know if it is me or something just seems off with today’s shopping, my countenance has probably dropped because Femi TEXTED to cancel, how can he even text to cancel what happened to our usual video calls or a normal call if at worse cases. And as for shola, she too has her mind somewhere else ,probably the parcel she wants to pick up, she already gave me a signal twice that we should leave. Whatever it is it should be important.
As we drove towards the hotel, shola fixed all her attention on her phone , this parcel must be really nerve troubling because she seems really tensed.

When we got to the hotel, I lowered the car seat and slouched into it with my head back ‘ no Temi please let’s go together’ shola pleaded, I knew I had no reason to stay back except being selfish, after all she went everywhere I wanted her to go with me.

We sat on the dark red sofa in the reception that was  made to serve waiting customers like us. Shola said the person is on his way with the package (that was what she said to the receptionist too ) so we waited. In a short while a man stepped into the reception but before I could make sense of anything, the figure behind the man was striking with familiarity. It was  Femi stepping into the reception with another lady.
My whole world shattered!

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